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The D.J. McConnell Co. is foremost a Service Company.  We provide prompt, knowledgeable, fairly priced service for your commercial heating and air conditioning needs.  We understand how poor comfort affects your business and strive to get you back to normal quickly and seamlessly.


The D.J. McConnell Co. is a licensed, unlimited capacity low pressure boiler installer.  We also service steam and hydronic systems including pumps and burners. 

We also service air conditioning systems including rooftop units, split systems, cooling towers, chillers and air handlers.  We provide service on building management control systems both in house and also with trusted partners versed in the latest control strategies.


We design custom preventive HVAC maintenance agreements tailored to your needs.  We do custom installation work for our regular clients.   

Above all, we treat your facility and your equipment as if it was our own.





The D.J. McConnell Co. a Commercial Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service Company, has been in business since 1981.  During these past forty years we have gained experience in a wide array of equipment and systems throughout the Tri County, Metro Detroit area. From old school shopping center powerhouses to high rise downtown Detroit historic buildings.  Most of these buildings are heated by steam, some generated from onsite boilers and some supplied by district steam supply systems. 

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